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Mar 20 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Admin templates

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I have been informed by Intune support this morning that one of the settings I am trying to use (via Administrative template) has been revoked (and presumably others too) and is now only available via the Settings catlog(Preview).

The problem is that most settings in the settings catalog are only applicable to Windows Insider builds.

Does anyone know when Microsoft will make these now revoked settings available once more to Enterprise clients?

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Could you share which settings you are referring to? most of the settings that could not be configured with a settings catalog could be configured with proactive remediations... When ingesting admx or using the insider preview settings catalogs and configuring these settings you are bound to the rules ..


In this case I am specifically talking about lock and logon screen settings. And yes I am scripting this up instead of using the admin template.

It is very frustrating that this setting is still available in the amdin templates catalog but has been revoked.

If they are going to revoke a setting they need to also remove it from being available to set and communicate these things out.

How are we supposed to know which settings will work and which wont? (that is a rhetorical question I dont expect anyone to have an answer)

I can only agree with you! .. It's weird some stuff gets revoked