AAD Join On prem without resetting

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I want the OnPrem device not to be reset to join Azure AD. Can we do this? As the users laptop has to have all the apps and files etc as it was when it was a domain joined machine.

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Configure hybrid? as when I am reading your question.. it looks like you are asking to go haadj



But please remember... :) haadj is not always fun 


SSO to on-premises resources from Azure Ad Joined Devices (call4cloud.nl)

You do not need to leave AD to join AAD. You can be enrolled in both directories. In fact, it is advised that you do, especially if you want to have the devices managed using Intune or Co-manager with Intune and MECM. There are a few prerequisites you will need to set or have set in Azure AD, to allow the devices to enroll correctly, and then a GPO to automate the process.

Here is a link to the documentation:
Wait … am i reading this correctly :)… microsoft advising us to go hybrid? Thats worth a screenshot :)
Lol, no Microsoft is not advising. I am just answering the question with a solution. In a perfect world, we could just reset and Autopilot these devices, all the data would be in OneDrive, and the apps delivered via Intune and the world would be lovely :)
Thats kinda how i love to do it :p… of course i get the need for hybrid… but is always fun to watch ms employees talk about haadj while shaking their heads :)
I am just trying to onboard OnPrem Devices to Azure AD. I can move this to a targetted OU and create a GPO and enable MDM would this suffice?