Most valuable perspectives (MVPs) on Microsoft Intune Suite
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If reducing costs, improving your security posture, or simplifying endpoint management is on your wish list, keep reading. This week's Tech Accelerator has a lot of exciting news, but we want to give you a reason to slow down and dive deep into the new Microsoft Intune Suite. While the broad strokes were shared in the keynote and focus session, we recorded an extended conversation with three Microsoft MVPs that you won't want to miss.

What's a Microsoft MVP?

MVP stands for Most Valued Professional. Recipients of the "Microsoft MVP" designation have all demonstrated technical expertise, community leadership, knowledge sharing, and advocacy on behalf of user communities and product development. All the details can be found here, but the most important takeaway is that MVPs are not Microsoft employees. They're independent consultants and practitioners with real-world experience and understanding of the enterprise computing landscape.

Three most valuable perspectives on Intune Suite

We know organizations love hearing from real-world users about the services and products they're researching. We gave some Microsoft MVPs early access to the capabilities of the Intune Suite to help us evaluate and refine the service before release. This early access means they've had more hands-on time with the suite than most. Let's get to know them:

Sandy Zeng

Sandy Zeng.png

Sandy is a Senior Cloud Architect, Windows Insider MVP (2023), and five-time Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP. She's spent more than ten years working with Microsoft endpoint management tools. She's a contributor at MSEndpointMgr, and when not using her computer, she enjoys photography and watching movies and TV series. You can keep up with Sandy on LinkedIn or Twitter, and you can see her first-look video on the Intune Suite here. Of her experience so far, she says:


"Intune Suite brings many features that will help organizations balance security and user experience.... The most exciting feature I like is Endpoint Privilege Management."

Dean Ellerby

Dean Ellerby.png

Dean was awarded his first two MVP awards in 2022 for Enterprise Mobility and Security and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. His contributions to community education include more than 150 videos on cloud security architecture and management. You can keep up with Dean on LinkedIn; he has an endpoint privilege management walkthrough video here. Of his experience so far, he says:


"The Intune Suite has been on the wish list of many Intune admins for years. The features released to the suite so far give Intune admins a significant advantage over the current Intune capability, bringing advancements in remote support, Zero Trust, and advanced analytics."

Adam Gross

Adam Gross.png

Adam has earned three MVPs since 2019 for Enterprise Mobility and is an IT manager, consultant, YouTube presenter, and blogger. You can keep up with Adam on LinkedIn or Twitter and watch his Intune Suite videos on his YouTube channel: Intune.Training. Of his experience so far, he says:


"The Microsoft Intune Suite checks so many boxes for orgs looking to tighten security, expand Intune functionality, and be more proactive with device management—all delivered from the Intune portal. This one-stop-shop approach to device management is going to be a game changer. Take the suite for a test drive today and provide feedback on your experience and how you'd like to see the products evolve."

Most Valuable Perspectives

We invited these three MVPs to share their candid thoughts and reactions in conversation with Microsoft Senior Product Managers Shravana Mukherjee and Lior Bela. If you watched the full “Behind the tech” keynote panel session during the Microsoft Intune Suite Tech Accelerator, we hope you enjoyed it. If you'd like to skip right to the MVP insights, you can do so right here:


The takeaways

Our MVPs agree that the Intune Suite offers useful functionality that can also:

Help organizations reduce the complexity of management overall.


"…converge all of those [Management tools] into a single platform, reducing the agents on devices and the amount of overhead you have to care and feed those systems. So all of those things, I think, are great selling points for customers that have never stepped into some of this stuff."
—Adam Gross

Provide security value, especially for Zero Trust.


"It's just fundamentally different from an endpoint management perspective, having that as the ability to do Zero Trust and allow people to elevate permissions by per app, per person, per group basis—you know, that's awesome!"
—Dean Ellerby

Improve the user experience, and more.


"[Endpoint Privilege Management] is the best feature…. This can help your user experience, as I can see, and also can help your IT reduce tasks in the future and also for the security as well."
—Sandy Zheng

There's more great content about the Intune Suite to discover. Access deep dives and demos now: check out the Intune Suite Tech Accelerator.

Even more valuable perspectives

In addition to the MVP interviews, there have been great blog posts and videos from other MVPs walking through the Intune Suite and offering insights into use cases. Here are some recommended posts to continue learning:


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