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Microsoft Intune introduces Security Copilot-embedded experience
Published Nov 15 2023 08:01 AM 7,377 Views

The introduction of Microsoft Security Copilot is a significant stride in AI-assisted cybersecurity defense—particularly when integrated with Microsoft Intune—allowing organizations to use endpoint data to inform the health and security of their digital estate.

Today our scope extends beyond security operations-focused scenarios. We're utilizing generative AI to help IT administrators drive better informed outcomes for endpoint management and security. We're thrilled to share that Microsoft is introducing an embedded Security Copilot experience in Intune, changing the way IT admins work by enabling organizations with faster and more informed decision-making, reducing complexities to drive efficiency, and fortifying security.

Launching in December 2023 as private preview for select customers of the Security Copilot Early Access Program, IT and security teams will have unprecedented visibility across security data with full device context, real-time guidance when creating policies in Intune, and the ability to discover and remediate the root cause of device issues faster.

This marks a meaningful advancement in endpoint security and management scenarios in the Intune admin center. Admins will be empowered with pre-deployment, AI-based guardrails to help them understand the impact of policy changes in their environment before applying them. With Copilot, they can quickly gather devices, users, apps, and other data and receive AI-driven recommendations to respond to threats, incidents, and vulnerabilities.

Simplified policy creation and deployment

Security Copilot in Intune helps reduce the time and complexity of researching the variables needed to create safe and impactful security and configuration policies. Swiftly turn requirements into policies, saving time previously spent drafting and understanding the impact of the policies across your digital estate.

Security Copilot can process natural language input and find the right settings for an Intune policy that meets your security and compliance needs. This built-in experience helps remove the burden of determining the right configuration option by providing AI assistance directly in the Intune workflow.

Security Copilot in Intune admin center helps IT admins to create policies based on provided requirements.Security Copilot in Intune admin center helps IT admins to create policies based on provided requirements.

Security Copilot increases the integrated value of Intune across the Microsoft security portfolio, not only helping you create policies but also allowing you to review specific settings and providing information about the settings. This enables you to utilize secure and tested configurations and avoids conflicts with other policies in the environment.

The Security Copilot embedded experience in Intune helps prevent misconfigurations in your environment by showing what-if analysis of policy deployments, highlighting important details such as risks to user security or productivity.

Security Copilot in Intune admin center helps IT admins to summarize policies.Security Copilot in Intune admin center helps IT admins to summarize policies.

Data-driven troubleshooting and guided remediation

Troubleshooting can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Intune has a wealth of device data to help IT and helpdesk admins discover and remediate the root cause of device-related issues. With access to Intune device data, Security Copilot can provide insights for you to better understand issues across device compliance, app installation issues, or health events and anomalies. You can quickly locate the problem among all these relevant data as Security Copilot analyzes them logically.

Security Copilot in Intune admin center helps IT admins to troubleshoot.Security Copilot in Intune admin center helps IT admins to troubleshoot.

Security Copilot can also compare multiple devices to highlight key configuration differences or understand device error codes and recommend what to do about them.

Interest in the Security Copilot Early Access Program has been high with limited space still available. Reach out to your sales representative to get details on qualifications for early access. The embedded Copilot experience in Intune will be available in private preview to select organizations.

We look forward to sharing more as the solution evolves and when we can share the embedded Security Copilot in Intune experience more broadly.

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