Get CallTranscript, Docs do not match current API, Cannot set file type.

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This code worked until I updated to the latest library:

var istrm = await m_graphClient

Now I get this error:

Invalid format 'application/octet-stream, application/json' specified.


The say I should be able to set the format:

// Code snippets are only available for the latest version. Current version is 5.x

// To initialize your graphClient, see
await graphClient.Users["{user-id}"].OnlineMeetings["{onlineMeeting-id}"].Transcripts["{callTranscript-id}"].Content.GetAsync((requestConfiguration) =>
	requestConfiguration.QueryParameters.Format = "text/vtt";

But the "Format" property is not defined in the version of the library I am using (5.38.0)


How can I fix? Seems like a bug in the release.

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