Changing Delve Feature Settings

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Is there any way to programatically change the Delve, Feature Settings, such as Show Documents, MyAnalytics, EmailDigest?

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as far as i know not but maybe it can be done in the future..

PowerShell would be nice...

Agree, i have been looking all over any API without any luck. It's frustrating that they frequently start working on new stuff before they finish previously released features. e.g. many of the official powershell modules do not have cmdlets for all of the functionality availalbe in the UI 

Yep, it would be nice if there was a release cadence like:


1. Finish first version and release complete with PowerShell and other APIs (like Microsoft Graph)

2. Introduce new features and update PowerShell cmdlets etc.

3. Redo as necessary

Are we able to set fetaure settings for delve programmatically (CSOM/PowerShell)?

@Vesa Juvonenhave any changes been made to the APIs that would provide this capability?

Not aware of any programmatic way to control these. Are not at least exposed through the CSOM APIs or through PowerShell.

Thanks for the confirmation. How do they decide which settings can be accessed programmatically? it seems sort of random, some settings can only be configured through code and others can only be configured manually. 

Thanks Dean for the input. I'm also part of "they", but anyway. There are internal plans always for the specific capabilities and then additional APIs are prioritized based on UserVoice entries or other demand from the field.

are there any plans to expand the scope of the PnP powershell cmdlets to include other services like Delve? It would be great if PnP could fill in the gaps like this. 

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PnP can only provide capabilities which have native APIs. There's no bypassing of the native APIs using PnP channels. If there's external API, PnP can though faster provide for example a cmdlet for the capability... but in this case, challenge is simply the lack of existing API to call.

How we (as IT pros and devs) determine if an external API exists for a setting in O365?

Checking SPO PowerShell and/or CSOM / REST API documentation. No magic here.

@Vesa Juvonen  Any progress made on the API to update the settings?

No new updates. Search / Delve team has been concentrating on the Search architectural changes recently, but crossing fingers that after the Ignite announcements they will have more time on these API level changes. 

I have found a solution using the Graph API.  This helps to manage the document discovery setting at Delve. Please see the API reference below


GET User's preference


UPDATE user's preference


Another Reference



@Vesa Juvonen @Dean Gross

@Saravanakumar Manian @Vesa Juvonen 


Are there any updates to this, it seems you can either turn delve off or on for other users through the api


Are there any options to "ONLY" turn off the documents feature in Delve for other users through api or script?


Thanks in advance.




Looking for this as well. If you have users in your tenant that are not managing permissions for sites and files well, those files will show in your files freely available to be discovered (and accessed) by users that are not intendend to have access. It would be great if we could disable the show documents so that others cannot see any files you're working on when they click on your profile while you are still able to see your own files when you're on your own Delve profile page. You know what I mean?
FYI change in Microsoft 365 insights privacy control: