Cannot get conflict behaviour to work with upload to sharePoint

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Hi. I am trying to get the various settings of fail/replace/rename to work, in both C# code and when this has failed in Postman. I am using it in an upload session. The URL is


The JSON body is 

This generates a session URL and within my C# code then goes on to upload perfectly. But it always does a replace. Looking at the upload URL is shows the conflict behaviour which is always:
So @microsoft.graph.conflictBehavior is not being recognised. I've tried rename and fail.
Any ideas?
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Just to say I have this working - the documentation is appalling!


The page


does not show that in the request the conflict behaviour setting should be wrapped in an "item" object. Please can we have some more examples in the documentation.




Hi All, I am also facing the same issue in my code. While creating uploadsession, unable to get proper session created.

Even though the properties set to

"@microsoft.graph.conflictBehavior": "fail",

Its overwriting the files.

Could any one please help. I am using golang and Code is
http.newRequest(POST, URL, Body)
Body = {
"@microsoft.graph.conflictBehavior": conflictOption,
"description": "",
"name": filePath,
"item": map[string]string{"@microsoft.graph.conflictBehavior": conflictOption},
"deferCommit": true}

Also I have tried all possible combinations for setting up properties. graph api always sending response which is overwriting the file in onedrive.

@Paul_Red1 as states the documentation at driveItem resource type:


Notes: The parameter @microsoft.graph.conflictBehavior should be included in the URL instead of the body of the request.


So try to include it in the URL not in the body.