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Where does forms store the Excel sheet where responses are saved to? We're looking to analyse results directly from the sheet on O365 rather than the 'Open in Excel' option - is it possible to change which sheet data is written to from Forms?

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I am also looking for this information? Did you ever figure it out?
Hi Alasdair, thanks for the question. There isn't a way to change which excel sheet the responses are saved to, however this is a great question. We'll add this to the list of work to look into. Thank you!

Hi Si

You did not answer to question 1 : where is the excel file store exactly ? I did not built it myself, and I cannot find it : when 1 click on Excel icon, this download to my desktop

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If you create the forms for excel from one drive for business you can easily access excel file from your OneDrive. if you create directly you have to access it only from response tab.