You can now save and edit your survey responses
Published Jul 04 2023 08:17 AM 41K Views

People sometimes wish to review and change their form or quiz responses after submission, even days later. We’re happy to share that you can now review and edit responses when needed.


  • First, save your response

To save your response, ensure that the form creator has selected "Allow respondents to save their responses" option in the Forms settings.


Forms setting - save responseForms setting - save response

Once the setting is enabled, and you submit a form, you will have the option to save your response from the thank you page.


"Save my response" in Thank you page"Save my response" in Thank you page

The response will be saved in “Filled forms” in Microsoft Forms.


Filled formsFilled forms

  • If enabled, you can then edit your response

 The form’s creator must select “Allow respondents to edit their responses” in the form’s setting.


Forms setting - edit responseForms setting - edit response

If enabled, you will have the option to “Save my response to edit” on the thank you page.


"Save my response to edit" in Thank you page"Save my response to edit" in Thank you page

As long as the form is open, you have the flexibility to revisit the form at any time to edit your answers. However, edits cannot be made once a form has been closed or deleted.


Edit responseEdit response



Where is the data saved?

As with all forms, the response data will be stored in the form creator’s repository only. Respondents can only view their own and cannot make any changes unless the form creator allows them to edit their response. If the form or the response is removed, the respondent will no longer have access to the response.


What’s the limitation of the feature?

Updating a response do not trigger a Power Automate flow. This capability will be enabled soon.


We hope you find these new features helpful! We will continue working on enabling more options with Microsoft Forms. Let us know if you have questions or if there’s anything else we can help you with!

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