What’s new in Forms | June 2023
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Let me introduce you to a range of features we have recently implemented, as well as some that will be released soon. Over the past few months, we have made significant improvements to the process of creating forms, enhancing the experience for both form creators and respondents. Additionally, we have introduced an innovative way to present your forms. Furthermore, we have enhanced the poll experience in Teams, providing support for more intricate scenarios. Now, let's dive in to see what we've done and what's coming soon.


Live presentation capability in Forms

To enhance interaction and engagement with the audience. We provide a new way to share your forms or quizzes in any online or in-person event. With just a QR scan or short URL, audiences can participate in live surveys and view real-time responses.


  • Present Mode

Form creators now can utilize the present mode, offering a seamless way to demonstrate their forms. This feature provides audiences with easy accessibility, allowing them to access the form online or offline by simply entering the URL or scanning the provided QR code.


Present modePresent mode

  • Dynamic real-time results

In the present mode, there is no need to navigate back to the response page to check the answers, since they are visible on the question screen. When new responses come in, the results will be dynamically updated to reflect the latest information.


Dynamic real-time resultsDynamic real-time results

AI suggestion for Forms creation

Our Forms AI has significantly strengthened its capabilities, now offering even greater assistance in creating well-designed forms. With its help, you can effortlessly create visually appealing and professionally polished forms.


  • Dynamic theme suggestions based on title input

You will receive multiple suggestions for themes based on the title you input, which will enable you to effortlessly explore different theme possibilities and select the one that best aligns with your form's purpose and visual aesthetics.


AI theme suggestionsAI theme suggestions

  • AI-powered creator tips

Forms' AI will also indicate the estimated time to complete and give some tips to help you better manage your form. Like survey length evaluation and form description suggestion.


AI-powered creator tipsAI-powered creator tips

Enhanced respondent experience

Furthermore, we have enhanced respondent experience by providing the option to save and edit their responses as needed. We understand that circumstances can change, and enabling respondents to revisit and modify their input ensures accurate and up-to-date feedback.


  • Save response

Now, respondents have the ability to save their responses for future reference, whether it's a form or a quiz. Once they submit their response, they can conveniently save it, ensuring that it is easily accessible whenever needed.


Save responseSave response

  • Edit response

Edit responses after submitting has long been a concern among Forms users. We are pleased to announce that this concern is no longer an obstacle. We have implemented a solution that allows respondents to edit their responses even after submission, providing them with the flexibility they desire.


Edit responseEdit response

Poll in channel meeting

Polls have become an increasingly popular tool in Teams meetings, providing presenters with an interactive way to engage their audience. We are excited to announce that Polls are now supported in Teams channel meetings, making it simpler and more accessible than ever to incorporate this powerful tool into your meetings.


Poll in channel meetingPoll in channel meeting

What’s next

In the coming month, we are going to further enhance the integration experience of Forms. Our aim is to make the integration process seamless, efficient, and user-friendly, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate Forms into your existing workflows and platforms.


  • PowerPoint add-on (Release date: July 2023)

We are upgrading the Forms PowerPoint add-on experience, which will revolutionize the way presenters engage with their audience. With this upgrade, presenters will have the ability to seamlessly interact with real-time responses, enhancing audience engagement like never before. What's more, presenters can effortlessly stay in the flow of their presentation without the need to open another browser or navigate across multiple screens. Be sure to stay tuned for the release of these exciting new experiences in the upcoming months.


PowerPoint add-onPowerPoint add-on

  • Start page migration (Release date: Augst 2023)

Furthermore, we heard customer feedbacks on feature gaps between Forms portal page on office.com and on forms.office.com. In the coming month, we will upgrade to resolve all feature gaps on the Forms start page on office.com. The new portal page with richer capability to help Forms users get started more easily, will create a seamless and consistent user experience across both platforms.


Start page migrationStart page migration

Start page migrationStart page migration

We want to hear from you!

These are the recently released features, as well as the ones we have in store for the upcoming month. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave comments. Thank you!

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