Organizational Privacy Statement Now Can Be Surfaced with Microsoft Forms

Published Sep 11 2018 08:09 PM 12.6K Views

As part of our commitment to GDPR, Microsoft Forms has implemented an API, which allows organizations to include their privacy statement on the forms they share.

 Privacy Admin.png


Tenant Admins can go to to set a custom organizational Privacy Statement URL. The privacy statement on all forms created by users under this tenant will then direct to this URL when the form is shared with others.


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As part of Office 365, Forms will continue to help business customers comply with GDPR, manage compliance, and avoid risk.

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Any ways to customize the "Terms of Use" link?

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Does this work with "non pro" forms? We have an enterprise A3 license, but it still comes with the non pro version of forms. I tried implementing a link to our privacy statement as listed above, but the default Microsoft footer remains on forms and is a show stopper for us to embed MS forms. The only option will be to remain with Google for all forms.


It is a real drag as used to be a Google Workspaces customer. Google forms was much more robust and did not seem to have all these little gotchas that are typical of Microsoft.

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