New theme ideas for your form
Published Jul 09 2019 04:00 AM 60.2K Views

Looking to polish your survey with some visuals? Adding a background image is a great way to capture interest and increase responses from the moment a user clicks on your survey link.


Today, we’re thrilled to announce a better, yet faster, way to add background images with Theme Ideas. Once you enter a title, you’ll see a flash icon on the “Theme” button, which indicates there are recommended background images for your form.

theme #1.PNG



The theme of your online form will also automatically update to best match the background image.theme #2.PNG



If none of the recommended themes suit your needs, you can click “Hide” in the top right corner to hide the recommended theme options, and click on "Show" to retrieve the recommended options. 

theme #3.PNG



Q: Why didn’t my title didn’t trigger any recommendations?

A: Currently only a portion of the forms may see theme recommendation, and over time Forms will continue to work on improving this feature.


Q: There are some images I like. Can I save them for future use?

A: Not for now, but if you have a need for this, please submit your feedback to us.





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