New features in Microsoft Forms - July 2017

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Forms for Excel

The Excel Survey feature is now powered by Microsoft Forms, and renamed “Forms for Excel”. This update allows Microsoft Excel users to easily create surveys and collect responses within their workbooks, and take advantage of most of the features available in Microsoft Forms. For more information, see this article: Microsoft Forms and Excel workbooks.

excel survey-1.png

New Question Type - Ranking

In response to one of our most popular customer requests, we will be introducing a new question type: ranking. Survey and quiz creators can now ask respondents to rank answer choices, and their responses will be aggregated and visualized for easy analysis. Ranking is a great way for survey creators to understand their respondents’ personal preferences. In the classroom, teachers can list several options within a quiz, and ask their students to rank them in the right sequence. This new question type will be available by August to all uses.


Auto-grading in Quizzes

Teachers can now show auto-grading in quizzes so they can give students immediate feedback on their answers. This feature is available for questions with text answers. Once they submit their answers, students can see how many points they received and what the correct answers are for each question.

 auto grading.png

Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Flow integration

Users can now define connectors for Microsoft Forms via Microsoft Flow. A great use case for this is setting up a connector to receive the email notifications whenever a new response is submitted for a survey or quiz. Use Microsoft Forms connector templates or create your own at


Accessibility Improvements
We’re dedicated to delivering great product experiences for ALL users, and are happy to improve on several features for people with vision, mobility and cognitive difficulties.
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