Microsoft Forms for Office 365 Education provides educators an easy-to-use tool for assessments, surveys, and more. Teachers can use Microsoft Forms to create assessments to gauge how students are achieving learning outcomes. With Microsoft Forms, teachers can create and use rubrics, collect information from students and parents, and more. Microsoft Forms saves educators time and brings student results to life through real-time results reporting


As a teacher, you can create a quiz in minutes with no training needed. Students can fill the quiz out on any browser and receive immediate feedback. Teachers can view responses individually, or as a real-time summary visualizing data form the entire class. For in-depth analysis, open all results in Microsoft Excel with one click.


For broader surveys, you can now send a Microsoft Form to up to 50,000 recipients at a time. Microsoft Forms provides powerful, easy to use survey capabilities for classes, schools, and school districts alike.


As an Office365 application, Microsoft Forms adhere to the compliance, security, privacy levels and accessibility you come to expect from the Office 365 apps. IT admins can manage user licenses and enable or disable sharing of Microsoft Forms outside their organization.




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We've recently used it to send a questionaire containing 50 questions to 3500 participants. It worked flawless! Downloading the results in Excel took a bit longer (1 minute).


We're looking foward to paging and a progress indication.



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We need a few things in Education for more adoption to happen. 

1. Folders to organize

2. Ability to have multiple select (not just one correct answer)

3. Ability to add correct answers/keywords for short answer questions to be auto graded (Google already has this feature)

4. Matching questions, fill in the blank

5. Add comments to questions when grading

6. Partial credit option 


These are just a few, but teachers would use Forms and Teams more if these were features.