Jump-start poll creation in Teams meetings with AI-powered suggestions and previously created polls
Published Aug 17 2022 11:27 PM 413K Views

Polls app has been widely adopted in Teams meetings in driving engagement and alignment, high demand raised the bar in launching polls in a faster and productive way. To better assist Teams meeting organizers in creating/launching polls before and during meetings, we’ve released the new poll functionalities which simplify the poll creation to launch process with only a couple of clicks. Teams meeting users can utilize them in the following scenarios: 


Scenario 1 – Poll inspirations or suggestions for engaging Teams meetings 

In case that users don’t have any specific polls in mind, and would like to get some inspirations on polling ideas to drive effective and engaging meetings. We’ve prepared a variety of pre-defined polls, which will show up in the side-pane on the Polls portal page or during meetings after Polls tab is installed and clicked (shown as below). The suggested polls are intended to cover various occasions, like ice-breaker, collect feedback, quiz, brainstorming, and more.  


Poll suggestions in the side-pane will show after Polls app is installed (as shown above), users can click on the poll card in the side-pane, and the selected poll will show in the overlay where users can edit and save as draft prior to the meetings, alternatively users can also launch them directly during meetings.  





Scenario 2 – Re-use polls from the past Teams meetings to new ones 

Often same or similar polls need to be used in different Teams meetings, especially for recurring events or similar occasions for different groups of audience. To be able to access the previously created polls in other meetings, can help meeting users to avoid the repeated efforts in creating the same or similar polls before and during meetings.  



With access to polls created in the past 30 days, users can select to launch them directly in other Teams meetings, or make modifications to tailor to the context of the current meetings. 




Both poll suggestions and re-use of previously created polls are aiming to provide an easier starting experience for polls creation in Teams meeting, in case you need some poll ideas or save time and efforts of using same/similar polls.  



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