Forms Present mode is now available in Microsoft PowerPoint
Published Jul 13 2023 09:48 AM 33.3K Views

We are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated Forms Present mode feature is now available in PowerPoint. This exciting addition enables you to engage your audience in real-time by seamlessly incorporating surveys or quizzes into your presentations. By doing so, you can enhance the overall presentation experience, gather instant feedback, gauge audience understanding, and foster active participation. Now, let's delve into how this incredible feature works and explore the endless possibilities it brings to your presentations.


  • Insert Forms into your PowerPoint slides

To enable Present mode, you need to insert a form/quiz into your PowerPoint slides. Under the “Insert” tab, you will see the Forms icon in the ribbon. Once selected, you will have the option to insert a new form/quiz or insert an existing form/quiz. If you decide to insert a new form/quiz, you will be directed to the Forms website where you can proceed to create a form.


Insert a form/quiz into PowerPoint from the ribbonInsert a form/quiz into PowerPoint from the ribbon

  • Choose “Present for interactive meeting”

After selecting and inserting the desired form, you will be given two options: "Present for interaction meeting" or "Collect responses offline." To engage with the audience directly in the meeting with live results, simply choose the "Present for interaction meeting" option. Selecting "Collect response offline" will redirect you to the form runtime, where you can proceed to submit your response.


Two presentation methods in PowerPointTwo presentation methods in PowerPoint

Once "Present for interaction meeting” is selected your form/quiz will be displayed in Present mode which is a live web form. This eliminates the need for screen switching, allowing you to seamlessly present without interruption. By providing quick access to the form through QR code or short URL, the audience can respond immediately enabling you to gather responses in real time.


Present for interactive meetingPresent for interactive meeting

  • Collect responses offline

By selecting the "Collect responses offline" option, you will engage in a seamless filling experience, providing a convenient way to fill in the form directly within the slide. This allows recipients to provide responses later. For example, after presenting the new features of your product, you can share the slide deck with the audience, inviting them to share their thoughts on your product. They can easily submit their feedback within the slide, offering valuable insights for your consideration.


Collect responses offlineCollect responses offline

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