Breaking Boundaries with Form Distribution: Capture Responses Anywhere, Anytime!
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Over the past year, Microsoft Forms has significantly enhanced its distribution experience, extending the options available to all users. These updates have introduced a multitude of ways for users to distribute their forms. Let’s review your options!


1. QR code and short URL in presentation mode

Starting with our latest feature: live presentation mode, an innovative feature that revolutionizes the way you distribute your forms to an audience. Whether it's an online webinar or an offline event, you can enter forms presentation mode simply by clicking the "present" icon in the upper right corner. This mode offers two convenient distribution options: via QR code or a URL.


Distribution methods in presentation modeDistribution methods in presentation mode

2. QR code and short URL in PowerPoint

Live presentation mode is also available in PowerPoint, where you will have the same experience as mentioned above in Forms web. If you’d like to get immediate feedback from your audience during a presentation, simply insert a form directly into your presentation. Attendees can conveniently access the form through a QR code or URL provided, all while the meeting progresses smoothly, eliminating the need to switch back to Forms web to present or distribute. 


Distribution methods in PowerPoint add-inDistribution methods in PowerPoint add-in

3. Send your form by URL

By clicking the “collect response” icon in the upper right corner of the design page, you will be given options to distribute your form. You can copy a URL and shorten it to share it across various platforms, such as Teams chat or a social media platform.


Distribute forms via URLDistribute forms via URL

4. Send to Teams or Outlook

In our all-in-one people picker, you can search for individual people, email groups, Teams chat groups/meeting chats, and Teams channels. This streamlined process allows you to connect with individuals and groups, enhancing the efficiency of form distribution.


Distribute forms via typing into name, group, chat or channelDistribute forms via typing into name, group, chat or channel

5. Send via QR code

You can download a QR code for your form for easy distribution. Sharing the QR code enables respondents to access the form quickly by scanning it with their smartphones or devices. You can even print the QR code as a poster, making it visible and accessible to a broader audience.


Distribute via QR codeDistribute via QR code

6. Embed in a webpage

Forms can also provide you with an embedded code, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the form directly into your webpage, enabling users to submit responses without leaving your site.


Distribute via embed codeDistribute via embed code

7. Share to social media

For Microsoft account holders, actively engage your friends and followers, by sharing forms and quizzes across social media directly through Forms. It’s a remarkably convenient and efficient way to amplify your reach and foster lively discussions and interactions within a wider community.


Distribute to social mediasDistribute to social medias

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