Dear Microsoft, STOP removing features when pushing out "new experiences"

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The new My Groups portal experience seems to be GA as the the top banner offering you to go back to the "older" experience is gone. This caused a lot of issues for customers using this in their business processes. Mainly when group owners would invite external guest users that didn't exists yet on the tenant. They would be offered the option to invite such users from the My Groups portal. Very simple very useful. The owners did require guest inviter role for security reasons but that was ok.


Fast forward to the current experience. When the user does not exist well too bad time to call IT and tell them something is broken. However in reality for some mysterious reason only known to a hidden product team somewhere at Microsoft the ability for groups owners to invite a user who is not present in the tenant yet is GONE. 


STOP doing these annoying things, STOP removing functionality present for many years in a product without any warning or alternative, STOP frustrating your customers and users!


Thank you Microsoft for improving the user experience. 

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