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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Cross-tenant synchronization (Private mode)


Cross-tenant synchronization enables you to automate provisioning identities across tenants in your organization and simplify collaboration within your organization. In addition, automate removing accounts when users don't need access and keep accounts synchronized across tenants.


This feature will not appear on all tenants until Microsoft releases it as preview. 


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@eliekarkafy is it possible to show the synced Users in the Global Address List e.g. in Outlook?

I can find the synced users via search in teams or add them to groups via M365 admin center.

But in To-Field in Outlook I can't add them via Address List, of course the attribute ShowInAddressList is set to $true.

Yes you will have the same M365 experience for the synced users as well. As for address list i am not sure but sometimes adding to address list requires some time to show the changes
Can you please check in your environment, if the synced users from the source-tenant are available in the GAL of the destination-tenant? I've waited more than 24 hours, but the users are not in GAL.
Maybe I forgot to sync some attributes that the users are available in GAL.
Hello ChRo2022,

you need to modify the attributes. The "showInAddressList" attribute must be set to the value "True".