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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Choosing the right product combination

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Hi, I am currently working on the plan to update the network of my little company.


Here is the actual situation :

- We are already using the Active Directory with 50 users on it for the Office 365.

- 2 differente sites

- 2 Synology NAS


What I want to do :

- Use the Azure Active Directory for the Windows Users

- Manage the Synology with the Active Directory (saw the instructions on their website but it is important)

- Manage the devices (mainly printers)


Based on what I saw, I'll need :

- Virtual Network - Connecting my local network to Azure

- Active Directory - Managing the users and getting the DSM LDAP connector ready


Is it all I need to make this work ?



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There will probably be better suggestions forthcoming from other members but a few ideas from a different angle, I'd start personally looking at the two NAS devices, the data they hold and whether they could be migrated to OneDrive/SharePoint instead.  That would provide the biggest wins and the simplicity might be preferred over hooking up Azure to the NAS and how reliable anyway that would be I'm not sure. Even if you proceed with the NAS stuff, still might be worth checking out the free SharePoint Migration Tool and how easy it is to port data over to Office 365 these days. Also some more info here - Cloud Migration.

There is a backup systme on a datacenter already in place for the NAS and we want to keep them.


Edit : But I'll consider this option for new projects !