Can I use Azure Self Service Password Reset with MFA Server?

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We have on prem AD with Office 365.  We use Azure AD Connect to sync users.  We also use Microsoft MFA server.  We are starting to test some Azure AD features.  We would like to enable Azure self service password reset.  I noticed in order for a user to reset their password they need to provide an authentication method.  MFA is offered.  Can MFA server be used for this or is Azure MFA required?

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@brentmattsonIt's correct that you cannot use SSPR with on-premises MFA server. However, if you're currently using ADFS 2012 R2 or above, there is a password change option that can be enabled. This can be coupled with the additional ADFS MFA provider that on-premises MFA can provide. My recommendation would be to explore migration to Azure AD Premium for MFA, though there may be cases you have for using on-premises MFA server that AADP cannot fulfill (LDAP/RADIUS is the most common one). 

@Vasil Michev . Has anything change on this post for using Azure MFA server together with Azure SSPR? Can this still be done with current feature sets in Azure AD Premium?

We currently have a large user population over 50K on Azure MFA Server who we plan to migrate to the Azure MFA Service but waiting for Microsoft's migration tool to migrate registered MFA Users to the cloud. We do use ADFS for federated authentication to Azure AD and office related applications.

@Akod3000 Have you ever found out more info on this? We have a similar issue for remote users and I have been trying to found a possible solution as well. Any info you may have found out would be fantastic.

Doesn't work unfortunately. SSPR only works with Azure Cloud MFA.
You should be able to involve Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) SSPR with MFA Server.
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