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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Unblock MFA

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Looking to user Powershell to unblock a user within Azure MFA if they get blocked. I can Enable, Enforce, and Disable via Powershell but I am not finding those commands for PowerShell.

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Can you clarify what exactly mean by unblock? There is no block feature in Azure MFA, there is one when using MFA Server. And no, there isn't a way to configure it via PowerShell.


The other thing that comes in mind is identities blocked by the Azure Identity Protection?


Sure, We are having users get blocked when they accidentally press Deny from the Microsoft Authenticator App.

To unblock them we have to open Azure Active Directory Admin Center or ( open MFA / Under Settings open Block/Unblock users, then unblock that account.

We have a Hybrid domain and normally we can enable, Enforce, Disable from But Unblock / Block is NOT an option there.

I have a Powershell Script to Enable, Enforce, Disable, but I do not see anything on unblocking a user.

 @Vasil Michev 

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Interesting, I've never seen deny result in a block when using Azure MFA. I just did a quick test with my account and it doesn't result in blocking. Perhaps I'm missing something...


In any case, the unblock action can only be done via the portal UI afaik.

Thanks, Frustrating, But thanks... @Vasil Michev 

When any MFA enabled Microsoft or Office 365 user has tried login in with incorrect password then the user account gets blocked and can be unblocked using below URL.

Even if you have basic free subscription a Global Admin can Login here an unblock the user account.


More details:-


Hope that answers the question however any unanswered queries about MFA or Office 365 are welcome.


Why can only a Global Admin unblock MFA users? I would be great that unblock requests could be completed by our helpdesk.
can u help unblock roblox


It would be great if when a user is "blocked MFA," it appears in both and AAD/users when looking over the user.  Much in the same way that "sign-In blocked" shows in both those locations. 

This would be greatly useful for the helpdesk knowing when to escalate and knowing exactly what the issue is.  Thanks.

The exact issue I am trying to figure out, is there a role we can assign that can do this beside global admin.

Thank you @Ajij_Shaikh for your solution since this is still an issue!