Bulk Update Azure AD for MFA


Is it currently possible to bulk update or pre-register Azure MFA options for users?

For example the users company phone number and email address are known and it would be useful to pre-register these for users as forms of MFA. It also means that they are registered with MFA prior to going through the on-boarding process and this can be useful where MFA is to be used as Primary authentication method



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There;s an example on how to bulk enable/enforce MFA here:


As for populating authentication details, the following should (eventually, once they "merge" the data from SSPR/MFA) apply:

But not yet, so it's just for reference :)



@Vasil Michev thanks the second paragraph answers my query. As of now (December 2017) I can't pre-populate MFA attributes ahead of a user going through the onboarding process. However, it is likely this will be available in the future.


Maybe something MrADFS (Samuel Devasahayam) can comment on.


Thanks for confirming my research, much appreciated



Any idea if this is on the roadmap. Would be useful for me right about now...




Afaik it's in private preview currently. But it's coming.

Hello Vasil. Is it possible to join the Provate Preview. We have a very good use case for having this capability ? Please let me know what the process sis for this ?




As with any other preview programs - contact your Microsoft TAM. I don't work for Microsoft so I cannot help you with that :)