Public Preview: JSON Support for Active Geo-Replication on Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise
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Azure Open-Source Day was buzzing with excitement as we unveiled the Public Preview of JSON Support (RedisJSON) for Active Geo-Replication in Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise and Enterprise Flash tiers! This exciting new feature brings document-style data storage capabilities to Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise, allowing you to store, query, and search JSON-formatted data and objects on active geo-replicated caches. Now, developers can use a rich set of JSON commands and functions to interact with their data in up to five geo-replicated regions, ensuring that their data remains highly available and accessible to their data from anywhere. Additionally, this upgrade will also enable the RediSearch module to be even more useful for your active geo-replicated caches, allowing developers to globally sync their network of caches to store and search JSON-style data when used in conjunction with RedisJSON. This combines two very powerful and popular features, allowing customers to get the most out of their caches. 


Use Cases for JSON Support for Active Geo-Replication 

RedisJSON already has many well-established use cases, but now expanded to a global scale! Below are some of the key uses cases: 

  • Gaming: JSON objects can be leveraged to store game data and leaderboards, allowing for fast and efficient access to game information and player statistics across the globe 
  • Product Catalogs: Efficiently manage and search through a global dataset of products with varying SKUs and attributes using RedisJSON 
  • App Development: RedisJSON can be manage JSON data in real-time globally, making it an ideal solution for web and mobile applications that require fast, flexible data storage and retrieval 


About Azure Open-Source Day: 

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Get Started with Azure Cache for Redis: 

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