Azure AI Video Indexer collaborates with Dataloop to integrate vison and intelligence
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We're excited to share the integration of Azure AI Video Indexer within the Dataloop AI pipeline and platform. This integration enhances Dataloop's robust AI development environment with Azure's cutting-edge video analytics technology. Now directly accessible on Dataloop's platform, Azure AI Video Indexer's capabilities empower developers to fully leverage video content, opening new possibilities for efficiency and innovation in AI-centric projects leveraging more than 40 Azure AIs. Dive into a world where video analytics meets AI development, and discover the future of intelligent video content utilization. 



 Watch the demo by Shlomi Avigdor, VP product of Dataloop

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Dataloop, a startup which participates in “Microsoft for Startup” Pegasus Program, and Azure AI Video Indexer joined forces to accelerate  the way we process video content when building AI applications. Dataloop marketplace now offers AI features that are offered as part of Azure AI Video Indexer, a cutting-edge service from Microsoft Azure VI product family.  

Understanding Dataloop 

Dataloop is
an enterprise-grade end to-end AI development platform for building and deploying powerful AI systems. It includes robust data management for visualizing and searching through troves of unstructured data, an orchestration layer for customizing production RLHF, RAG and Gen AI data pipelines, MLOps tooling, an AI cloud environment and a model marketplace for streamlining the data and AI building process . 

Azure AI Video Indexer is a service that uses advanced machine learning to extract insights from video and audio files. Whether it’s speech transcription, object detection, or topics analysis, Video Indexer turns unstructured media into searchable, analyzable data with ease. 

The Integration: A Synergy of Vision and Intelligence

The integration of Azure AI Video Indexer into Dataloop’s marketplace means that developers access pre-built AI features powered by Video Indexer, streamlining the process of video analysis. This synergy allows for the automation of complex tasks such as content moderation, object tracking, and feature extraction, all within Dataloop’s environment.

This integration unlocks immense business value: For content and media companies, it means enhanced content moderation and product classification. For smart retail, it translates to improved shelf stock and management capabilities. Let’s look at the following customer challenge: 
A media company that is looking to fine-tune a Gen AI model can build an evaluation pipeline that automatically captions video scenes using the AI Video Indexer feature as part of the model training process, with a one-click deployment readily available within the AI workflow on the Dataloop platform, resulting in massive saving of human time spent.  

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