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I've read this article:

I'm now preparing one simulation, and there's still one question which is not clear for me.
I want to randomize the sending times, to avoid the "crowd" effect of everyone receiving at the same time. But if I define the start date as 1 of October for example and end date for 15 of October, how will the randomization of email sending happen?
Usually I leave the campaigns on a 15 days timeframe, to give enough time to any user which is on vacation for a week for example. But if the randomization occurs between the start date and end date, that may mean that some users will receive the email near the last days?


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Did you start your simulation? Have you been able to randomize the sending times to avoid the crowd effect?


It would help me because I have the same question as you had.



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Yes, if you choose your option to randomize, it will randomize over the time you've choosen.