Micro-Agent Now Available for Public Preview for IoT Edge Devices
Published Feb 13 2022 08:48 AM 2,269 Views

While Microsoft Defender for IoT is well known to enable organizations to secure their IoT/OT environments it also provides an opportunity to device builders and solution integrators (SIs) to deliver more secure IoT/OT devices and solutions into the marketplace. Today we are announcing the general availability of a new update that enables device builders and solution integrators to add Defender for IoT support to Azure IoT Edge devices and solutions.  


Based on the lightweight micro-agent, device builders can add revolutionary on-device runtime protection directly into their connected IoT devices giving them real-time threat detection, attack surface reduction capabilities as well as full integration into the Microsoft ecosystem of unified security and management tools.

The lightweight micro-agent provides out of the box security that simplifies the protection of IoT devices, without the need to deploy additional sensors and devices. System integrators and solution operators can also leverage this technology to create new services and opportunities to monetize security.  


The micro-agent supports IoT Edge devices, with an easy installation and identity provisioning process that uses an automatically provisioned module identity to authenticate Edge devices without the need to perform any manual authentication.  

Azure IoT Edge moves cloud analytics and custom business logic to devices, so that your organization can focus on business insights instead of data management. Azure IoT Edge allows you to scale out your IoT solution by packing your business logic into standard containers. You can then deploy those containers to any of your devices and monitor it all from the cloud. 


To learn more on how to install the agent visit Install Defender for IoT micro agent for Edge (Preview).


To learn more about how Microsoft Defender for IoT can benefit device builders, check out the following:  

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