M365 E5 - Windows Defender ATP


To confirm that link for this tool is, correct?


Also does tool work with only Windows 10 Defender or other 3rd party AV programs?

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best response confirmed by Raviv Tamir (Microsoft)

@Jerry Gonzalez the URL is correct. About your question, you can make onboarding from machines in the MDATP even with another EPP solution installed, if your current endpoint protection don't block the defender components. I have Trend for EPP e MDATP for EDR. Obviously that I would have better possibilities with Windows Defender ( or System Center Endpoint Protection ) for EPP, but not is my case. Hope I did help you.

@Thiago dos Santos Mendes 


So here is my question does Trend use firewall protection and if so is disabling your Windows Firewall.

Also you have do firewall turn on in the Security Center. 

What I am trying is turn the right settings that will work and give me the correct score and what needs to be corrected.


Below on the image is the firewall setting and also the other pic is my security center settings I have turn on now.

Does this product comes with Tech Support as does O365?

Yes I am using Symantec Endpoint for third party. So I guess the answer is no at this time for feed of sensory data back into Windows ATP dashboard. @Thiago dos Santos Mendes 

Hello @Jerry Gonzalez , I think that we are talking about two different components.
Microsoft Defender ATP is a EDR solution as a security feature available in the M365 E5 license.
Windows Defender Security Center is MS antivirus. Not is possible to use both in the same time Symantec and Windows Defender as your antivirus. But you can to continue using Symantec as your antivirus and make "onboarding process - (" from your machines for the MDATP console. Do you have the M365 E5 license?