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This Microsoft Defender for Cloud PoC Series provides guidelines on how to perform a proof of concept for specific Microsoft Defender plans. For a more holistic approach where you need to validate Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Defender plans, please read How to Effectively Perform an Microsoft Defender for Cloud PoC article.  


Cloud Security Posture Management provides organizations with a centralized view of their cloud security posture, allowing them to quickly identify and respond to security risks, ensures compliance, and allows for continuous monitoring and improvement of cloud security posture.  

Defender for Cloud CSPM provides organizations with a unified view of their cloud environment across multiple cloud providers, including Azure, AWS, GCP and On-premises. 


Defender for Cloud offers CSPM in two plans: a free Foundational CSPM plan and a Premium Defender CSPM plan. To understand the capabilities of CSPM plans, please refer:  Overview of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) | Microsoft Learn. 


Defender CSPM plan, provides advanced posture management capabilities such as Attack path analysis, Cloud security explorerAgentless Scanningsecurity governance capabilities, and also tools to assess your security compliance. 

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