PostgreSQL to Azure DB for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus) online migrations now generally available
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We are pleased to announce general availability of Azure Database Migration Service support for online (minimal downtime) migrations of PostgreSQL to Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus). Azure Database Migration Service provides a single service that customers can use to migrate data from different database engines to Azure, all with built-in resiliency and robustness.


With online migrations, businesses can migrate their databases to Azure while the databases continue to be operational. This means that migrations can be completed with minimum downtime for critical applications, limiting the impact to service level availability and inconvenience their end customers.

Additional updates to the PostgreSQL to Azure Database for PostgreSQL migration scenario with this release include support for:

  • All PostgreSQL versions from 9.4 through 11.
  • Migrating to a higher version of PostgreSQL; there is no longer a requirement that minor versions of PostgreSQL match on the source and target.
  • Migrating from an AWS RDS Aurora Postgres version 10.6 or later database.
  • The BSON and ENUM data types.

We’ve also removed the:

  • Superuser privilege requirement; now, only the replication privilege is required.
  • Password string limitation regarding use of curly braces.

For more information about using Azure Database Migration Service to migrate data to Azure Database for PostgreSQL, see the following tutorials:

Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus)

Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus) transforms your Postgres database into a database that can scale up and down as well as scale out horizontally. Powered by the Citus extension, the service provides you with all the native capabilities of Postgres, including rich JSON support, powerful indexing, an array of datatypes, full text search, geospatial support, and much more. For more information about Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus), see the related service documentation.

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