General Availability of Azure Database Migration Service in US Gov Virginia
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We are thrilled to announce general availability of Azure Database Migration Service in the US Gov Virginia region. This is the first region in the Azure Government cloud in which we’ve deployed Azure Database Migration Service, after much demand from customers for a service to migrate databases with minimum downtime. Other regions in Azure Government, such as US Gov Arizona and US DoD, are also in our deployment road map.


Azure Database Migration Service supports multiple database engines to migrate workloads from on-premises, virtual machines, or other public clouds to Azure. Azure Database Migration Service supports migration of source database engines such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB to the Azure Data platform, includes targets such as Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Database managed instance, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB. For more information about Azure Database Migration Service support for different scenarios, please refer to this article


Azure Database Migration Service supports offline and online migrations, which enable customers to migrate database in a resilient, reliable manner and with minimum downtime. Similar to global Azure, customers provisioning an Azure Database Migration Service premium SKU 4-vCore in US Gov Virginia will enjoy their first six months of usage free of charge. The Standard SKU with 1, 2 and 4 vCores remains available at no cost. For full pricing details, see the Azure Database Migration Service pricing page.


To get started, see the article Connect to Azure Government using portal (if you already have an Azure Government subscription, you can log on at After you get connected to Azure Government, under +Create a resource, search for Azure Database Migration Service.




For step-by step detail on provisioning an instance of Azure Database Migration Service, see the article Create an instance of the Azure Migration by using the Azure portal.


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