Azure Database Migration Service consistent snapshot without locks (Preview)
Published May 31 2024 08:49 AM 715 Views

Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) now offers preview support for consistent snapshot without locks, which can help businesses migrate their databases to Azure while the databases remain operational. With this feature, users can take a consistent snapshot of a MySQL server without losing data integrity at source.


When MySQL Consistent Snapshot without locks is enabled, after the initial load, a reconciliation phase occurs to ensure that the data written to the target is transactionally consistent with the source server from a specific position in the binary log.


Using this feature, there’s no need to take a read lock on the server, as tables are read at different points in time as the different binlog positions of each table are tracked. As a result, it’s possible to reconcile the tables near the end of the initial load by performing replication in catchup mode to ensure a consistent snapshot.


For more information about feature benefits and limitations, see the blog post Public Preview announcement - Azure DMS consistent snapshot without locks.


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