Announcing Public Preview Availability of MySQL Online Migration in Azure Database Migration Service
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First published on MSDN on Aug 30, 2018

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As we transition from cloud-first, mobile-first to intelligent cloud and intelligent edge, and with the exponential growth in data, business decision makers are required to be creative in managing data and driving business insights.

Azure is no doubt the one cloud offering that offers a rich selection of database engines, for both PaaS and IaaS platforms, delivered on consistently and globally available data centers. To facilitate our customers with moving their data to multiple different database engines, we understand that a streamlined and robust migration service is key to accelerating their transition to the cloud.

Today, we are very excited to announce public availability of online migration in Azure Database Migration Service (DMS). DMS is a one-stop shop for migrating data from different database engines to Azure with built-in resiliency and robustness. With online migration, businesses can migrate their databases to Azure while the databases continue to be operational. In other words, migrations can be completed with minimum downtime for critical applications, limiting the impact to service level availability and inconvenience their end customers.

*Online migration is available for customers to migrate on-premises/VM MySQL workloads to Azure Database for MySQL in the following regions:-

    • West Europe
    • East US2
    • Central US

**We will be expanding online migration to other regions very soon, and migrating from on-premises PostgreSQL workloads to Azure Database for PostgreSQL will be available very soon as well.

*Update (Oct 4) - online migration is now supported in 25 Azure regions. For the complete list, please refer to this link . Please note, only Business Critical SKU supports online migration. Customer can select either General Purpose or Business Critical SKU for offline migration.

**Update (Sept 22) - PostgreSQL online migration is available as public preview. Do explore that.

Online migration has been an important feature in helping our customers move their production workloads to Azure. From Andres Barcenas, Senior DevOps Engineer from MDLive - “MDLive uses Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) to migrate our MySQL databases to Azure Database for MySQL. After several test and dry runs, we are able to migrate critical databases to Azure Database for MySQL successfully with minimum downtime and hence limiting the impact on our customers. We will continue to use DMS to migrate other workloads ”

Please refer to the resources below for online migration. If you have any questions, please email the DMS Feedback alias at .

Sign in on Azure portal and set up an instance of DMS for free. We are constantly adding new database source/target pairs to DMS. Stay up-to-date on #AzureDMS news and follow us on Twitter @Data_Migrations . Join the Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) Preview Yammer group, and give us feedback via User Voice or email by contacting us at .

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