Announcement: Azure Database Migration Service – MySQL online migration now in preview
Published Sep 14 2022 04:05 PM 985 Views

We are pleased to announce online migration for Azure Database for MySQL. Using online migration customers can now migrate an instance of Azure Database for MySQL - Single Server or their on-premises MySQL instance to Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server with minimal downtime by using Azure Database Migration Service (DMS). This fully managed service is designed to enable seamless migrations from multiple database sources to Azure data platforms. 


DMS supports migrations for MySQL versions - 5.7 and 8.0 and support source servers - MySQL, Azure DB for MySQL - Single Server, and Amazon RDS MySQL that migrate to Azure DB for MYSQL – Flexible Server. 




DMS – MySQL online migration provides an integrated experience and both takes the initial backup as well as streams binlog changes from the source server to the target server. The user no longer needs to run two separate migrations – first an offline migration scenario with “Enable Transactional Consistency" turned on followed with running a replicate changes scenario to apply binlog changes. Since DMS – MySQL online migration is based on streaming binlog changes, it is easier to set up and doesn’t require a physical connection between the source and target servers. 


For an example step-by-step tutorial for migrating from Azure Database for MySQL – Single Server, see Tutorial: Migrate Azure Database for MySQL - Single Server to Flexible Server online using DMS via t.... 


In future releases, we'll include support for additional migration features, so stay tuned! 


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