Sales Copilot in Dynamics CRM / Sales not available anymore.

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I want to test the new sales copilot integration dynamics CRM. I could activate this on the Sales Hub MDA and all works well. Since 2 weeks, the sales copilot didn't start anymore and I get no errors. I have asked our IT if there anything blocked. No answer. 

Who knows about this activation, is something missing or not available? Our environment is in the Swiss cloud. 

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Check 1: Could a tenant admin check in PPAC for your environment that "Allow data movement across regions for generative AI features" should be allowed, i.e. shouldn't look like below image which is showing "Not allowed"

Check 2:  Copilot is enabled for the Dynamics app, see instructions here : Enable and configure Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales | Microsoft Learn

If both of these checks do not unblock please raise a ticket with support

I can confirm Sales Copilot disappeared from our Dynamics 365 CRM, and the setting to switch it on from App Setting also gone. Any suggestions or announcements on this? My users just started enjoying the app and now it's gone.
Thank you!
Same here in all German and US Tenants!
Also no longer available in a new CDX-Demo Tenant!
(Maybe the plane in which the co-pilot was sitting crashed!?)
Hey Dynamics admins! I got some news for you!
I created a ticket yesterday as I was eager to bring the copilot back. Here's the reply from Microsoft:

Issue: While fetching the app copilot setting status, we are treating the default state as "Enabled" but instead we need to treat it as "disabled" and show the app copilot setting as turned off

Root Cause
Sales Copilot is not expected to get turned on automatically in the regions except NAM. Admins need to provide PPAC consent and need to enable specific apps by going to Sales Hub settings. However, because of a product issue, Sales copilot got turned on for all apps even though admins did not turn them on. This along with consent provided in PPAC showed Sales copilot for all the users and for all Apps.

Sales copilot got disabled in all Geos and AppCopilot.
Please also note that this is only temporary disablement of the feature across Geos and once the proper fix is made, the Geo level FCS will be turned on. Admins need to handle the enablement/disablement as needed.
The team have completed the fix for the issue which will get deployed to customer orgs once the deployment start (after around 2nd Dec 2023).



We also have been affected by this bug. We had Sales copilot enabled on our test org (was working ok) and can't enable it now on Production. Also from Test it disappeared.  Also the email summary option isn't not working in the Sales Copilot addon in Outlook when connected to our Prod org, but it works against Test.

There was another update today on PPAC to say it could take until Jan 8th 2024 before this fix is deployed. (see below)

That's really sad - given all the advertising Microsoft is making these days around copilot and the product can't be even enabled/used!






Hey, side question, where exactly in PPAC you see these messages? I didn't know about that.
In the Message Center - it's assigned to the "Dynamics 365 apps" service

This is the direct link - not sure if it'll work for you.

@Saggittarius we have started to roll out fixes and are already back online in SAM / CAN / IND / FRA / ZAF  and will be soon in all Geos 

@Terlochan  Would you know when the fix will be rolled out in the UK region?



@Saggittarius We have enabled few other Geos GER/CHE/NOR/KOR/SGP today and we plan to enable 

UAE/JPN/APJ/GBR/OCE/USG Regions by 12/1 . UK will be enabled by 12/1.
I'm based in the UK, we still have nothing showing up, it is the 3rd of December now.
Good morning from Switzerland,
Copilot is available, everything is good. Thank you all for the support.
Have a wonderful Christmastime.
We have deployed the bits over the weekend .... We will enable from backend soon.
We have enabled in UK and multiple orgs in NAM and EUR region



Thanks for letting us know. I can confirm that I was able again to enable Sales Copilot in an UK-based environment.

But we are still facing the issue with the "Email summary" function provided by the Sales Copilot add-on in Outlook. The section "Summary of this email" and "Draft with Copilot" are not disabled when we connecting our Outlook client to our D365 CRM Prod environment. The sections highlighted in the red box on below screenshot.

But when connecting Outlook to our Test environment both sections are displayed as displayed for the same email.

Why is this?




Thank you for raising this! Just to confirm the obvious, have you checked the Sales Copilot Settings in Teams to see if the AI features are enabled/disabled in those environments?

Oh yes, I've forgotten about those settings in Teams. They were not enabled. After enabling them against our Prod environment everything is working as expected.
Many thanks