YaY! "THE" ppl born on __/__ carousel is BACK!!!

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:hearteyes: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :hearteyes:

***Not only is "THE people born on __/__" carousel back; so is there the ability to change the top portion of your homepage to the/ a current theme! *(hint: there are multiple choices to choose from within the current season!) 

***(example shown below)***

*showing carousel AND (seasonal) 'headline' theme*showing carousel AND (seasonal) 'headline' theme




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These are mostly controlled feature rollouts, only available to some people, probably only in some regions, specially the themes.

@HotCakeX Oh. Good to know!  ;)

I had it once, when I watrying to get back those animal fact sheets and reseting edge over and over and saw that theme.

It works in Canada.
if you are listening Bing team, get that themes to everyone. Wish you could do a theme like the Bing Image of the day like Google does with it's logo :(