This or That Quiz-Which Mountain was Climbed first is racist

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The This or That quiz "which mountain was climbed first" is racist because it assumes that a mountain was never climbed before a white westerner climbed it. I do not think you intentionally did this, but this is the type of institutionalized racism we must actively work to eliminate.


There is a very long history of western whites “discovering” and being the first to summit mountains where people of color have already done these very same things. To help bring more light to the issue, here is a quote from @nowhitesaviors regarding this very same thing specifically in Africa I pulled from Instagram: “Now, let’s get into white “discovery” and the white gaze as a legitimizing factor. A tool of white supremacy and global anti-Black racism has been erasing or attempting to destroy the sophistication & ways of knowing within African culture and society. A species, body of water or historical land mark is not suddenly brought into existence the moment a white person “finds it”.


Most recently, a white woman from London earlier this month was cited by @cnn as “discovering” whales off the coast of Kenya even though Kenyan fishermen have been reporting sitings of the very same creatures for the past....30 years.”


I am passionate about dismantling institutionalized racism in our world, and I hope to bring awareness to Bing.

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