Syncing Bing places for Business with Google My Business

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I am trying to sync my Bing Places for Business account with my Google My Business account. 


I believe I have followed the instructions to do this correctly, (i.e. hitting the sync button on Bing Places for Business) but when I have done I am not given the expected result.


I understand that when I sync the accounts, the following information is sync: verification status, name, address, phone, website, hours of operation, hide or show the address line, show permanently closed/open status. But, what I was also expecting to see was my images from my Google My Business Account to appear in my Bing for Business account.


Can somone please help me sync my Bing places for Business with my Google My Business account so my images will show up. 




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@NicheOfficeSolutions  hello.  Did you figure out how to fix your problem.  I have the same issue and need help.