"Sorry, looks like you no longer have access to this feature. Please check again in a few days."

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Hello, I would like to kindly inquire if I am suspended from the Bing AI Chat, and if that is the case. I would like to know about the reason for my suspension from the Bing AI chat service. Additionally, I would appreciate if any of you could inform me whether this suspension is permanent or not and if there is any way for it to be resolved. Thank you for your assistance.

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@TheSpace81 Hi,


I have good information, there is huge interest and problems are temporary with access, and the information is obvious "Please check again in a few days."

So there's nothing there about a suspension or a block!

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I have had this problem for 3 days now though, and it doens't look like it's going anywhere.


This is my private opinion, but the problem can occur for a very long time!

@MaxF1670 If you have set network redirection, try removing it

@ray999 The same issue had bothering me for a long time. so, have it been solved yet?


@MaxF1670 Send feedback

Edit: It now says: Your account is currently not eligible for this experience.

Here's a picture:



It bothers me already more than a month! Do you solved? Or get a official reply?