Please stop switching my search to Bing in Edge!!

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Hey Microsoft,


Bing should be thrown in the dumpster and lit on fire. I never get the information I am looking for.


I like Edge because it works nicely with our Microsoft Office products. I like Google because it gives me the information that I am looking for. Just now, running Windows 11, I asked "How do I uninstall WhatsApp". I got incorrect instructions for Windows 10. It doesn't even know I am running Windows 11. "How do I upgrade to Windows 11 23H2 from 11 22H2?". Cryptic and unhelpful results. 


There's a good reason Apple uses Google as its default search and it's not only because Alphabet pays Apple a boat load of money or is an illegal monopoly. They provide the best experience for their users. 


Let's look at the numbers. Windows has 57% of the OS market share in the US. Every copy comes with Edge and Bing almost forced upon us at every turn. Frustrating. The market share for those two is 8% and 6% respectively. Embarrassing.


Fine, if you want to keep trying. Just please stop changing my choice of search providers when I am using Edge. THAT is anti-competitive behavior. 

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Yeah, you are right even I use Microsoft edge because it is minimalistic and seems professional but google is way better so most of the users tend to switch browsers just because they get annoyed by Bing.