New experimental AI-Powered chatbot on Bing

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is this even a safe thing to use?

@TheShaunSaw Now they just need to rename this into Cortana


Yeah true :cryingwithlaughter:It's a shame that Cortana is getting worse day by day and they are taking features from it and implementing it as separate thing whereas Cortana could have been everywhere as one unified personal assistant from Microsoft.

It was quite nice the other time I tried, it really liked horses too :) The chat bot seems to be working if you go to Bing with China region,.
new exrimental al-chat bing place help

That's amazing thanks :) 

Looks like this bot is back, I really liked my experience, had a chat with it, talked about Canada, traveling, nature, and even Victorian architecture. For me its avaible everywhere at the right side of the screen there is a Microsoft logo , and if you click on it it opens up the AI chat.


Hi Shaun Sawant ,I have a question 🙋 how did you get the New experimental AI-Powered chatbot on Bing?Can you tell me plz?

@Rae_Rae Isn't that what they said about the horse and carriage or the knitting loom?

Can someone invite me to new chat Bing (chatgpt)? Thanks

I have problem with my time management how can i do?

good experience

it is a good experience