New experimental AI-Powered chatbot on Bing

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Hello, can you tell us more About this ? On bing application ? How it works ? Thank you !


This appears to me when I search through bing. I am not in any bing beta testing/insider program. It appears at the bottom right of the screen and starts the conversation by telling you about the search query. There is also a chat button on the bottom right corner which will open the conversation box.

On the bing app ? Or on web search on edge for example ?


Not on the app. I find it after searching for something on the bing website.

@TheShaunSaw It's pretty advanced for a chat-bot. I enjoyed my conversations with it. It's a shame they took it down. It's no longer there. Maybe they took it down for improvement.

@Skael_Vontari @TheShaunSaw 


i don't have this feature


Please, don't think me rude. I would not want this feature. The more "jobs" we give to "bots," the less we have for humans. If we compare the neverending increasing number of people to that of the jobs being 'given' to "bots," well, you can imagine how much more profound poverty will be in the world, correct?


Besides, isn't technology's job is to bring people together, not keep them far apart? Hasn't CoVid done enough of that already?


As @Skael_Vontari told in the reply, this feature is now not on the Bing website. I also cannot see this feature, let's see if it will come back again.

Let's hope not.
It is available only in the InPrivate Window now.

@PranavSeb5 you can use it without private windows just search any thing in the below url 

the above url is of bing only. so it is safe.

@efamm Yeah now it is available. When I had actually posted the previous comment, it was only available for Beta users and that too only on InPrivate Window.

It is only in certain regions though.
Enable it in bing settings >more and click on show bing chat. Please see the attached image.
No they didn't. It's in there. Enable it if not in bing settings>more
I don't think so. It is disabled by default with some browsers

@arunrdr It's not there for me. Could you send a screenshot of where it is for you?

"i have found Bing's en chat bot."
the link is i saved the site and made it a website so everyone can use the Bing chat bot without doing 3 million steps. its unsure because i don't know how to get a dns and use it.

@TheShaunSaw It is awesome i love it.