Mixed up animals? Also werid new esrach layout

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It seems that Bing got it all worng, when I search up horse and pick dog in the people also search for, it shows a mix of horse and dog stuff. Very strange, 





Also in the search bar, why is there to magnify glasses saying pres to search?


Very strange and why grey?

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Maybe the the image recognition in Bing thought the horse is kind of a dog.

Hello Ryan, thanks. Hmm, maybe it seems to have the related animal search mixed up. Well I do hope I get that new factsheet soon. Have you?
Has anyone else notice that there is a grey box for the search and a search icon is on the right instead of the left/

Sometimes, I notice it, but only a few times.

I see, okay.

Do you like the new factsheets?
I think it is trying to think that I want to see the comparison between a dog and a horse. To see all the facts in one but it is a bug I think. Going to give a feedabck

Fact sheets look nice, but the images loads slowly.

Cool!! Yeah, it needs to be fasten but everytime you see it, it is cached and will be faster next time. Can't wait for the next factshets
The magnifying glass is always there for search
not AI is 100% accurate
"Has anyone else notice that there is a grey box for the search and a search icon is on the right instead of the left/"

no i never noticed that. 3rd party extensions can have effect on loading of the web pages.
Factsheets are awesome
I saw a documentary once about how the AI was mistaking dogs with wolves or vice versa, it was only a tiny piece of the picture, which was snow.
but dogs and horses? there is a huge difference there
Cool!! That sounds like an awesome documentary! Which one was it?

For the search in grey, which was in a profile in edge without any extensions.

For the magnify glass, there is two of them, so why??

Yes, factsheets are awesome but I haven't seem to be rolled out yet.


Not sure, i think it was a ted talk.

if without extension then must be a bug on Bing side,

they also use controlled rollouts, just like Edge, Windows..etc. looks like this is the new Microsoft policy for updates
Okay, thanks for the insight.

Yeah, I guess everything now is a experiment even though Stable isnt stable anymore.

Well they siad factsheets is on the way but still updating testing stuff, ridiclous but I have to be just paitent.
Yeah I hope everything turns out to be okay eventually