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1) Too many Images. Less text. Makes it feel like ads

2) Lots of small square cards makes the page look over-crowded.

3) Entertainment News greater than Everything else on the home feed

4) Endless vertical scrolling is a bad experience on both mobile and web.

5) I have the same feeling of visiting Windows Central website while visiting Microsoft Start feed: Spend least amount of time as possible / exit



When you open a news, that page is good. Nicely spaced sentences & paragraphs, awesome Font. Good looking title bar. Easy to access butttons for reacting and commenting.



1) The comment feed on the right is good. But animation could be improved.

2) On the 'home' landing page, there are two ways to switch between categories. Merge both into one and pin it on the left. Similar to google news.

3) Make the displaying of news articles view similar to google news (i.e. across the screen, in a rectangle shape.

4) Bring the homepage design of the MSN to the Start feed and give it a fresh coat of paint.

5) Take design cues from TheVerge and TheGuardian

6) Remove the glossy feel of article thumbnails. Bring in the 'close to paper' feel of Guardian app cards and mix some fluent design with it.


Something similar to the abaove image would be nice on the top of the feed and you could maybe have the square cards below it.


As a result of too much celebrity/entertainment news on the start feed in windows 11. I took the drastic step of disabling all news sources and interests available. As a result I only have 1 news article on the start feed now. But sometimes the long - pinned widgets dissappear, sometimes I can't pin any widget, sometimes the feed is bombarded with news from every interests even though I have blocked all of it. Can't see news on the MSN Feed anymore:|



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