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The past few months we've been talking about the ways Microsoft Bing is innovating to make your search experience better. Microsoft Search in Bing is one of the innovations! Microsoft Search in Bing makes searching work as easy as searching the web. And, you may already have access to it if your company, school, or organization uses Microsoft 365. Want more info?

Over the next few months, we'll be sharing more info about Microsoft Search in Bing. To help us better understand which info will be most beneficial to you, please take our short (8 multiple-choice questions) survey:

If there are topics about Microsoft Search in Bing you would like us to cover or if you have questions, reply below and we'll try to address them. 


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@Alyxe Hello!
I want to encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with this interesting Microsoft Bing proposal and the integration of search with Microsoft Office 365 I recommend!



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@Alyxe  I've signed in to Microsoft in my Google Chrome, and it becomes too slow how it will get fast to use?


Please set - Edge by default> Bing default!

The new Edge is fast!

Cannot get my website, Stanwix Bridge Club, to appear in any search.

@Alyxe My site (link removed by moderator) has not appeared in Bing's search results since last October 15, although it's correctly indexed and there's no copyright complaint. My site has been active for more than 15 years and this is the first time something like this has happened. Attached you will find a self-explanatory chart. I e-mailed Bing's support more than two weeks ago and so far I have only received some generic replies saying that they are investigating the issue.


I also do not recommend your site - because the first time my Edge crashed when opening your site,So this is your problem not Microsoft.
Perhaps you have an infected host - analyze it carefully!


I'm more than sure it is your computer, not my site, to be infected. So, the problem must be yours.


My site is constantly monitored also by Google Search Console and rest assured that, if there were a virus, I would immediately receive a warning from Google.


Moreover, my site is linked with tens of pages on the Microsoft Store, where I published my apps.

In addition to what I wrote in my previous post, the confirmation that my site is totally clean comes from the check-up made by virustotal, as you can see in the attached screenshot.


I still confirm that the site on my computer is causing crashes.
I have 21H2 and the latest security and last had this behavior when opening the site 6 months ago!
Best regards

I have tested my site on tens of computers using different browsers and never found any problems.

Like I said, Edge and all of the other browsers never complained, Virustotal found it completely clean (see screenshots in my previous posts). The only one who is finding issues is you.

To me it is crystal clear you have something installed on your computer that is causing crashes.

Should I trust Virustotal, Chrome, FireFox, Edge or you?
This is not what the site is trying to get unauthorised access and that's the problem!
I just wanted to help you!
Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "This is not what the site is trying to get unauthorised access and that's the problem".

Can you please describe more precisely the problem you encounter when trying to access my site?

Thanks, I appreciate your help.

P.S. If there is anybody else in this blog who would like to test my site or help me in any other way, I would be very grateful.



"To me it is crystal clear you have something installed on your computer that is causing crashes."

So I'll wait for the opinions of other MTC members.

Maybe I have a broken computer?

What should I do to have my site indexed? - Microsoft Tech Community

Help: why my site has been removed from Bing's search results - Microsoft Tech Community

@Alyxe  what if we import from google search console while setting up bing webmaster tool will it work fine? or have to do some additional steps for better performance. 


When I recently published my site (link removed by moderator) it wasn't opening up properly on Bing sometimes showing error while running in all other browsers.

The error is: "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond." 

Please suggest me how can i resolve this error?  This is a problem with the Bing webmaster tools. Try going to your webmaster tools and see if there are any errors or warnings that might be causing it. If you do find out what is wrong, please let me know.

@fashion_delight  This is due to the fact that your IP address is not whitelisted on Bing. You can whitelist your IP address using this form:

I faced the same issue with my site (link removed by moderator) that's why I'm fully aware of that.

@Alyxe how to fix the problem Microsoft store not opening Window 10 on my pc.