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I would like to talk about maps in bing...

Two main things:

-maps must have a recent update! they don't show the current world, for example, in France, lots of places are not showing current landscapes: 4 or 5 years ago!

-Secondly, from my point of view, because of the first thing i said, because of "street view" option, which we can't use (not enough developed), because of google maps prominent place, bing map is not important... i think that Microsoft should stop bing maps and work on new features....

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I totally agree, there are many places that are outdated, i've reported them using feedback tool in Windows Maps app but never got solved, some places are even +10 years old, even though it shows the map data is from 2020/2021.

the data and images that Bing uses are so bad.

Google maps on the other hand has very detailed, up to date maps and satellite images of the exact same places where Bing maps fails.
Bing Maps really needs some love. I would love to use Bing Maps but its so outdated in terms of information and difficult to use. I definitely think it should receive some interface updates and possibly a dedicated team to update information. Something cool would be a Trusted Editor Program or something that allows trusted volunteers to update information much easier than the Suggest an edit tool.

While there hasn't been much information about Streetside it seems that the service has been kind of neglected. Most Streetside images are from 5-6 years ago(at least in my area) and seems to be no longer updated.

A mobile app will definitely help improve the amount of users using the service. I think all these changes would definitely help Bing Maps be a competitive player in the Maps market.
+1 for Bing maps mobile app, that'd be great!
But how could bing go beyond google maps even on mobile? Another revolutionary feature never created would be much better, a new market to conquer!
They need to change their sources where they get map data and satellite images from..they are really outdated. I mean they aren't that bad for US but the world has many countries and every one of them should be cared about, just like Google maps do.
In the United States is correct? Because the street side function is not very extensive... Already they should run a satellite again, and allow users to correct the map easily, with road names, places, companies... such as the "contribute" feature of google maps. Bing maps arrived on android, it's not bad, offers ideas nearby, but as the background of the map is wrong, it still serves no purpose!
US is more complete than other countries when i checked it, not 100% correct or complete though
Hi everyone,
Bing uses TomTom Maps as a map base, so best to report it using the TomTom Map reporter, you can bing it up :) You need a TomTom account but you can report a lot of issues there :) they will fix it