Is the Microsoft Bing WEB page broken? And, redirects.

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I use my Dell Chromebook to do the daily set(s). However, today, I cannot access anything off of the Microsoft Bing WEB page for some strange reason. However, I could do the "this or that" AND the "word for word" ONLY while using my cell. There seems to be a glitch when using my laptop (which, for some oddball reason, was not 'connecting' to the 'Rewards Page")


Also, (please, note in 1st screenshot below...): the top, right-hand side of the web page is missing reward totals; I am unable to scroll through the right of the pictures; AND, when I click the area around the "Microsoft Bing" logo on the upper, left-hand, corner I am redirected to (please see) the 2nd screenshot.


On another topic, I would like to know if there was a way to download the Bing homepage pictures onto my laptop the same way it is done using the cell phone.

1st screenshot.1st screenshot.


2nd screenshot.2nd screenshot.


The "pc search" points are also broken.

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UPDATE: Please note, this concern has been duly noted and was promptly fixed for the day in question. I was (later) able to see the 'javascript/ void' bugs had been 'exterminated' -(LOL!)