Introducing Bing Rebates!


Hey Insiders,


Another way Bing is helping you maximize your money this Holiday Season is with Bing Rebates. While using Bing to do your holiday shopping you'll see Bing Rebate offers from participating merchants right from your search results. After you complete your purchase your rebate will be sent to you through Paypal. We've posted all the details and how-to's for you on our Windows Blog: What’s New in Web Experiences for October 2020: Microsoft Edge is the best browser for.... This is pretty exciting! What do you think?


Alyxandria (she/her)

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@Alyxe yes it's now from Beta to normal. :)
Yeah and it's pretty exciting @Alyxe I forgot to mention that in the previous post. Sorry :(
And I forgot, @Alyxe why isn't anyone replying except @Kam (me?)

@Kam It is pretty exciting, and I've really appreciated your activity in the Bing Insiders Community today. Hopefully, you'll inspire more people will get involved too! :) 

@Alyxe Thanks! And is there any way to become a Bing Insider? Right now I'm only a Bing user.

@Kam All you need to do to be a Bing Insider is join the community and actively participate! You've already got the participation part down pat. So, if you haven't yet, click join at the top of the Bing Insider's community page, then you'll be a member. :) 

I already did it a few hours ago, before I went on a biking trail to exercise. :) So now I'm a Bing Insider. That's all?!

And good night. :) I'll see you tomorrow morning. Bye :) 


P.s. 7 PM here in VA.

@Kam That's all! Congratulations! You're a Bing Insider. I'll send you a DM with some details about this group. 

@Alyxe Thanks!

P.S. What's a DM (what does DM stand for?)
Oops, sorry about that! DM = Direct Message. You should see a 1 next to the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
I got it!

P.S. I was eating dinner (It's now 8:18 PM here)

@AlyxeAny response to my latest post?

@Kam Do you mean on a different discussion? I don't see an unanswered response on this discussion thread. 


Alyxandria (she/her)
Community Manager - Bing Insiders

Correct, @Alyxe.

@Alyxe Any plans to extend this in other countries too such as Italy?






Can I be a insider as well? I am in Canada.

@Shawn1710 why not?