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Hi, on the site many data about Italy are incorrect. This compromises general charts and statistics.
This problem should be solved. Thank you

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I think I see the problem, the site that is listed in the bing covid database is from that broken link and it isn't this source that you just listed.

It would be great if you can put in that report a problem or send a email to them now that you found out there is a email and also tell them about this source so they can update it.

I sent a email for you :)
Thank you very much. I will also send an email so as to prompt the correction of the data. I would also have two other tips for Bing Covid-19. Where could I send them? Thank you very much.






They already replied and here is what they said. 


They have cced someone I except to see if the data is dramatically off. 


Thank you for letting me help you :)




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There in the report a problem, before that, there is a compliment, suggest a feature as well.

You're weclome have a great day!!

Check out the reply I sent on tehbing animals to you
I accept that the data is not fully aligned, that's a normal thing. In this case, however, the data is completely incorrect and makes no sense. This is not just a mismatch, it is a real mistake. Thank you for your help.
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Hi Tommy,

I see, you better email them about the situation then if it is a total msihap. Since you are better in the Italian language and you understand what is going on. Please email the email I provided before and make sure they get the point
I for other suggestions could still write to that email about Having direct contact with the team is much better than sending feedback and not knowing anything anymore. Thank you for your help.
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You can add a new issue btw




yes, I already sent a report there, but no one answered me ( Anyway, they answered the email and said they're going to do the checks. Thank you
Yeah I saw that, and that is great they are checking on it.

You're welcome.

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