Feedback for Bing Updates and My stories

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Bing updates or "my stories" needs to be much smarter. it shouldn't rely on user to select topics in order to show stories and updates, these are often times irrelevant.

instead, Bing should use user's search history, video search history, the data it has from used keywords and other sources to generate relevant stories and updates for user to see.


for example, instead of me picking Xbox as a story source, Bing should detect that I've been recently searching with "Xbox" keyword and then suggest relevant Xbox articles and updates to me.


another example would be that I recently searched for Tesla, Bing updates and stories should show Tesla stocks information to me.


if i recently searched for Elon musk, Bing should show me updates and stories about Elon musk and how he is the richest man in the world now.


these are very good examples and in fact, Google already does this, to show extremely relevant stories, updates, news articles etc. to me on Google feed in web and Android.


now I use Microsoft Launcher so I have no longer access to Google feed on Android, I really expect Bing to do that instead and be much smarter.


Bing Updates:


I've sent this feedback using feedback button on that page too, really hope this gets enough attention.


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Not in Canada yet but that would be a cool idea.
For sure